There is a need for Cloud-based ERP software for businesses to automate the updates effortlessly. You must install the best ERP for the manufacturing industry to connect processes, systems and data precisely to boost productivity. Cloud-based ERP solutions offer the perfect platform to increase the overall performance of business operations. When you include every business process with the appropriate automated systems, you will be free from errors and complete the tasks in a short time. The ERP software is customized and installed for specific tasks. Based on the business needs, the ERP software achieves accuracy and swiftness in operations. Despite the business size, the Cloud-based ERP has a crucial role in upgrading the business processing to the next level. It is highly recommended for optimal utilization of the ERP software to attain consistent success in business administration. 

We provide:

Comprehensive ERP

Comprehensive ERP Solutions

Customization and

Customization and Integration

and Deployment

Implementation and Deployment

System Upgrades
and Enhancements

System Upgrades and Enhancements

Data Migration
and Integration

Data Migration and Integration

Ongoing Support
and Maintenance

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

ERP Solutions

Our ERP Consulting Services Include

We provide unique ERP software that best suits your business requirements. It is cost-effective and automates mundane tasks accurately. Apart from automation, you can use our ERP software for decision-making.

  • ERP accounting software: Keep updated with your financial tracks using the precise ERP accounting software. It deals with all the financial data and assists the employees in making the correct decisions during challenging times. This pack maintains the day-to-day financial transactions in the business administration. It includes invoices, bills, and receipts.
  • ERP- Human Resource software: This module includes the data related to the HR department. This app forecasts the required workforce based on the project availability. It analyses the HR data to derive the perfect count of employee needs in difficult situations. This software manages all functions related to Human resources. It keeps track of employee’s details and their role in the business.

We provide many cloud-based, on-premises and hybrid ERP solutions. Every ERP tool will function based on its customized settings. You can also find ERP solutions related to finance, commerce, Manufacturing and supply chain.

How to Unlock Your Business Growth with an ERP System

You can unlock business growth with an ERP system by quickening your overall business operations. The ERP system maintains transparency between the process, system and data. It connects these three criteria for optimal administration in the business. The connectivity, smooth data flow and efficient implementations of the business activities shutter the hurdles in the growth. When you use the ERP tool precisely, you are almost towards the path of success. Choosing the correct software to upgrade your current working system enhances business growth. You must connect to the appropriate software to bring the best in your operations. The ERP system drives progress through optimal performances and brings positive impacts overall. The flexibility of the ERP solutions competes with the market change and proactively assists during unexpected business scenarios.

Why Choose Truxcel for ERP Software Solutions?

We are one of the most sophisticated ERP software companies. The unique factors of ERP software solutions from Truxcel are as follows.

  • Highly Customizable: The Cloud-based ERP solutions offered by our ERP consulting services can be easily customized based on the business needs. Work on the settings to drive the software for optimal outcomes.
  • Speed up: The solutions recommended by our ERP consulting services quicken the business operations. Precise automation is possible by using our software. Save your time by working on repetitive tasks and switching to ERP solutions.
  • Accuracy: Avoid human errors by installing our ERP software solutions. The solutions offer automation with precise results. Complete the repetitive business tasks with the perfect ERP software.
  • Flexibility: We offer ERP for small business to unveil their opportunities beyond boundaries. Our solutions help the business grow and provide flexible options to work for their needs hassle-free.
  • Cost-effective: The affordable price tags associated with every solution assists in meeting ERP for small business. We help small-scale industries explore business beyond boundaries. Our solutions add value to the overall performance of the business.
  • User friendly: Truxcel provides simple interfaces for the ERP software to aid the employees in working comfortably without struggles. Our software ensures hassle-free operations, and they can be quickly tracked and managed efficiently without any prior experience.

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