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There is a need for a real-time vehicle tracking system for smooth fleet management. Here is the reliable GPS vehicle tracking system- NaviQat assists businesses in monitoring their vehicles and ensuring consistent maintenance remotely. This service plays a vital role in running your business vehicles uninterruptedly without any issues. Installing a tool on your business vehicle adds value to your business by reducing the cost and maintenance in the long run. Accurate monitoring and vehicle data contribute a lot when you work on optimal usage of your business sources. It serves as an essential system. When your business involves transportation, NaviQat ensures the safe movement of goods and helps the Managers to keep track of the driving attributes precisely. Connect your business with the excellent vehicle tracking system for easy flow of business operations. You can build better business administration if you fine-tune the transportation tasks efficiently. 

NaviQat offers a range of features that help businesses optimize their operations and improve efficiency.

Some of the key features of the system include:

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking

NaviQat provides real-time tracking of vehicles, allowing businesses to monitor the location, speed, and other critical data. This helps managers make informed decisions about route optimization, scheduling, and dispatching.



The system allows businesses to set up virtual perimeters, or geofences, around specific locations. When a vehicle enters or exits a geofenced area, the system sends alerts, helping businesses keep track of their assets and preventing unauthorized use.

Fuel monitoring

Fuel monitoring

NaviQat provides fuel monitoring capabilities, allowing businesses to track fuel consumption, identify inefficient driving behavior, and detect fuel theti.

Maintenance management

Maintenance management

The system can monitor vehicle maintenance needs, providing alerts when it is time for routine maintenance, reducing vehicle downtime and preventing breakdowns.

Driver behavior monitoring

Driver behavior monitoring

NaviQat can monitor driver behavior, providing insights into speeding, harsh braking, and other behaviors that can lead to accidents or increased fuel consumption. This helps businesses improve driver safety and reduce costs.

NaviQat is an easy-to-use system that provides businesses with a wealth of information to help them optimize their operations, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. With its real-time tracking capabilities, geofencing, fuel monitoring, maintenance management, and driver behavior monitoring, NaviQat is an essential tool for fleet management. Our company provides expert installation and support services, ensuring that businesses can take advantage of this powerful system to improve their operations.

Vehicle Tracking System

Experience the Several Benefits of a Vehicle Tracking System

There are jaw-dropping benefits of vehicle tracking systems. When you surf these points, you will feel the worth of this real-time vehicle tracking system.

  • Constant Monitoring: The system helps you monitor every vehicle moves closely. You can locate the truck anytime accurately. It ensures your business resource is safe on the road. The GPS-enabled system spots the truck's location on the map for quick reach.
  • Hassle-free transportation: You do not have to worry about fuel attributes. The in-built fuel monitoring system reveals the consumption rate and the existence levels to alert for filling before it gets completely drained. The system shouts out on time when the fuel goes below a certain level.
  • Driver behaviour: It is the best practice to monitor the driver’s skills on the road to protect the business resource from damage. The system notifies about the rash driving data immediately. It safeguards the vehicles from unnecessary damage.

How NaviQat is Best for Fleet Management?

If you take a closer look at NaviQat, it serves as the best fleet management tool for your business. You can choose NaviQat for the following reasons.

  • User-friendly System: The frontend interface is easy to use, and the employees can quickly reach out for their monitoring attributes. All the controls are explicit, and you can tap the respective parameters to analyze and view them.
  • Geo-fencing service: Our NaviQat system alerts you when your vehicle enters unsafe zones. It reduces the operation costs and damage that may occur while driving on dangerous roads. The software protects your business source from unauthorized usage.
  • Safety features: NaviQat tool help the business in Driver behavior monitoring and their driving style. It quickly notifies of rash driving and excess fuel consumption. This device also keeps track of efficient usage of the braking system on your vehicle for safety purposes.
  • Easy Maintenance: NaviQat supports easy maintenance of your vehicle. It provides complete monitoring that helps you watch the vehicle's fuel storage, consumption, fuel theft, and driving behavior. This approach avoids unexpected vehicle breakdowns and aids in easy maintenance in the long run.
  • Timely services: The vehicle tracking tool and driver behavior monitoring service assists the business in processing their operations on time without delays. Transporting raw materials and dispatching the finished goods happens precisely through the NaviQat real-time tracking system.

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